Monthly Archives: March 2012

Kinect for Windows SDK 1.5

Yesterday in the Kinect for Windows Blog, we found that some new features will be released in an update for the SDK. In addition to increased language support and “seated mode,” we’ll be getting record, playback and debug capabilities.  This just brings questions to mind: Will this functionality be better or worse than the KinectRecorder?

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New, New Things

I am glad the author of this article gives proper attribution to Michael Lewis: It’s true that the next, next thing will incorporate multi-device, multi-user propositions, with a great nod to the NUI.  We are, in fact, due for the next thing at this point.  Information or data must be accessible anywhere, with fluid

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The Role of CIO and IT

This is a little of topic, but coming from an IT management background, I think it’s relevant: IT Consumerization, the Cloud, and the Alleged Death of the CIO I agree there will always be a place for the CIO, and in turn, the IT department, even while tech gets consumerized.  One thing sort of missing,

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